Simultaneously the Islamic Studies Management of Waroeng SS



Simultaneously the Islamic Studies Management of Waroeng SS

HUMAS WAROENG SS - Wednesday (11/21/2018) a religious study was carried out simultaneously with the theme "Imitating the Morals of the Prophet Muhammad" for the Central Management and Area Management personnel.

Focus the content on aspects of the leadership of the Prophet Muhammad, how the morality of the Prophet in leading the people and also how should morality be led.

This material was conveyed in addition to the momentum of the commemoration of the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, also towards an expectation that good people who were in the lead position and were led in the work environment of Waroeng SS, as the morality of the Prophet Muhammad can be modeled on daily behavior.

The presenters of this recitation can be mentioned as follows; at Central Management, Ustad Didik Purwodarsono; Jabodetabek Area Management, Ustad Mahlul; Semarang Area Management, Ustad Akbar; Malang Area Management, Ustad Ardi; Solo Area Management, Ustad Umaier Khaz; Purwokerto Area Management, Ustad Solikhan; Jogja Area Management Ustad Ikhsan; Bali Area Management, Ustad Margo,






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Publish : Minggu, 4 November 2018
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