Company Profile

Waroeng Spesial Sambal "SS" is a brand that serves many variations of fresh sambal (chili sauce) and Indonesian cuisines. Waroeng SS was established in 2002 in Yogyakarta by Yoyok Hery Wahyono. His Passion in culinary world and his hobby in cooking became a trigger to continue this spicy culinary business.This  business emerged becaus of Yoyok's (well-known as Mr.Huuh-Haah) struggle againsted economic pressure that was experienced many years ago. Yoyok and his colleagues firstly established Waroeng SS with a tent outlet at the roadside of Kaliurang Street which was known as a culinary center for scholars because it is located nearby several famous universities



Waroeng SS was famous for 15 variations of sambal, various dishes and vegetables cuisines which were made by order. Moreover, consumers can demand   spiciness level of each sambal as they want. Right on August 20, 2002, the first branch of Waroeng SS was established and named Waroeng SS Perjuangan. This name contains a profound philosophy of Waroeng SS struggles in surviving of inception .



The increase of consumer interest in spicy culinary stimulates the birth of branches at several points at Yogyakarta City. Even the Waroeng SS popularity began to reached the next city, Solo. It became a trigger for Yoyok to establish the first branch at  Manahan, Solo, in 2006.  After a while, Waroeng SS presented at other cities, such as Semarang, Tangerang, Purwokerto and several cities in East Java.

Although it is not a company that based on Sharia Principle,  Waroeng SS carries company spiritual concept along its development. Consistently, we allocate a number of fund from our omzet for donation and charity to help others in need and this habit entrenches in this company since the beginning. Slow but sure, this inevitability paid off with blessing values that cannot be mentioned one by one.

And now, Waroeng SS is ready to welcome new hopes and expands this spicy culinary business to neighboring country, Malaysia. We pursue a dream to become a famous spicy Indonesian culinary brand in the world. Let support us with becoming a part of our Big Boss who loves Waroeng SS and we will greet you "Salam Pedas Abis (Extreme Spicy Regards) .. !!!"